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LIZARD CERAMICSLizard Ceramics is the manufacturer of handmade tiles and transmutation tiles.
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    handmade tiles,transmutation tiles

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    B322-B323, China Ceramics City

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Company Introduction

       The design of Lizard handmade tiles are derives from the architectural style of Spain, Italy the European medieval. From the early preparation of glaze color to the late product design, it adopt Spain, Italian manual production technology, so it guarantee the uniqueness originality of the manual brick. The handmade tiles with distinct sense of texture is colorful is full of dreamy charm.

      “One color before entering the kiln and multiple colors after leaving the kiln”, such a marvelous image is called as “glaze transmutation”, which is the essence of Chinese ancient ceramic culture.

      Lizard Ceramics has combined this ancient ceramic process and modern ceramic technique to make various kiln change glazes through formula design and burning control. Since a series of complicated physical and chemical changes will occur during firing, the products of Lizard Ceramics present various sophisticated and unexpected color effect. The final colors after kiln change are always superior to the imagination during mixing of charges.

      The color and texture of each tile are absolutely not repeated and duplicate just like ego growth of lived individual, which makes you feel the magic power of the Creator.

      Each brick is the works of art.

      Lizard ceramics with rustic feature pursue the natural uninhibited sense. Its noble individual design styles are the designers’ first choice. Lizard ceramics are suitable for top decoration.