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    Tile trims, stair nosing, skirting boards, flooring transition, Aluminum profile with LED.

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    A331,China Ceramics City

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Company Introduction

Caifind, it is China's first proposed the construction of auxiliary meticulous brand concept, dedicated to providing the construction details of the treatment program. The company has many years experience in the field, our products exported to the EU countries, with the development of building materials industry and construction style and technology for environmental protection and efficient requirements, the company registered the brand in 2018, "Caifind" , we combine the foreign  auxiliary products with the parameters of domestic construction materials, for the common situation in the construction process, we have introduced: 

1-Exterior corner treatment series 

2-Interior corner processing serie

3-High and low difference processing series 

4-Connector processing Series 

5-Stair Stepping Series 

6-Skirting board Series 

7-LED Strip Light Series 

8-Auxiliary Tools Series.

In the future, “Caifind” will be the brand which provide more quality products for the building materials industry. 

Brand concept: constantly explore innovative craftsmanship 

Brand vision: to become China's best supplier of meticulous construction auxiliary materials, making construction efficient and remeticulousd.