奇丽砂Qualicer Ceramics总部


奇丽砂Qualicer Ceramics总部




For bothway, the case is a new landmark for the industry's exploration and architecture to define a ceramic headquarters.


奇丽砖Qualicer Ceramics创立于2006年,意为:品质磁砖,这也是品牌所始终秉承的研发、生产、服务宗旨。在产品研发上对质感、美学、功能的极致追求.产品目前不仅畅销国内市场,更是远销欧洲、北美、澳洲、日韩等60多个发达国家和地区,以优异的品质和极具美学质感的装饰效果受到众多用户的厚爱。


Qualicer was founded in 2006, which means: quality magnetic brick, which is also the tenet of r&d, production and service. Texture on product research and development, the ultimate pursuit of aesthetics, function. The product is not only best-selling domestic market, but also exported to Europe, North America, Australia, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries and regions in more than 60, with excellent quality and highly aesthetic sense of adornment effect more love from many users.


Qualicer Ceramics总部的外观设计在尊重原结构的基础上用钢结构创造出量体如稜的洗练感,将原始的限制转变为使用条件,用简单的艺术体量呼应建筑轮廓,错层交迭的建筑结构不仅丰富了街道,同时也大量采用清玻璃皮层,为室内引进了自然光线,形成橱窗通透的氛围。


Qualicer Ceramics headquarters in respect of the design for steel structure on the basis of the original structure to create the quantity body such as edge washs practice, to transform the original limit conditions, for use with simple artistic dimension echo building outline, wrong layer overlap structure not only enriched the streets, as well as clear glass is used in great quantities in the cortex, introduce natural light for indoor, form the atmosphere of transparent window.




The design has five layers, the first floor set design, food, product sales and other cross-border integration. Create visual, taste, smell, touch and auditory experience. During the day, a lot of natural light pours into the glass curtain wall, with the visual impact of medium and light carving, and the landscape outside the window is intended to be introduced indoors. Q-time tea ceremony and food permeation and its space, emphasize the scene experience, the restaurant specially invited the famous chef and her brand catering team to cook. The unique fragrance of Hong Kong aromatherapy hall LEBARAGRANCE is designed to open up the experience of non-ordinary artistic taste buds, and enjoy the aesthetic experience of food. Place a contemporary building on the block of the traditional exhibition hall.




Second floor is given priority to with product selection area and designers communication area. When pushed the door open, down the stairs visual extension, form will not be cut off open line, exhibit a is like a gallery show, pavilion of the rich three-dimensional space hierarchy to admire the view in the mood to browse tile beauty.


三层为国内终端商业模块标准.总部的展示主要的商业连接有二个核心。其一为品牌;其一为商业模式标准。二层整体架构不仅是一个展场形式,有如集合各使用机能的大型体验空间,透过每一个区块所诠释的展示位置,或许可发现其对象的灵活性,分别运用于空间与机能之中 , 提供另外不同展示的形式可能。



The third floor is the standard of domestic terminal business module. The main commercial connection at headquarters has two core. One is the brand; One is the business model standard. Overall architecture is not only a form of the exhibition hall on the second floor, is a collection of each function of using experience of large space, through each block interpretation by the display position, or permission to find the flexibility of its objects, respectively applied to space and function, provide the other may be in the form of different display. Four or five floors are office space and outdoor experience garden.



The whole design process is prudent, collision and fusion of old and new culture perspective, in the block and block transformation of strewn at random have the present brand recognition, change traditional accumulation and thinking, and to update the brand experience, building materials ShangTai change is no longer in a few years, but always face the challenge, for the traditional and the future, to reposition for magnificent sand ceramic headquarters is in the proper walking.